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Career Counseling Sessions for college students

The question students ask me the most BY FAR is "what am I going to do when I graduate college?" The traditional career paths being presented to us sometimes just don't seem realistic in today's modern world. It's such a great time to be a musician but we all need a strategy to succeed. In order to help students begin the process of creating their own strategy for success, I'm now making career counseling sessions available for college and conservatory students. If what I describe resonates with you please reach out to me and tell me your story. I would love the opportunity to help you!

College Selection Sessions for high school students

At any given time, many young music students are looking at and/or preparing to audition for colleges and conservatories. Today there are SO MANY schools to choose from and they are all promising you the world. Despite what you may be told, the truth is that none of them have the power to grant you success. However, what they absolutely can do is support your personal goals in a powerful way. This can only take place if you are clear eyed in how you make you school choice. It's not an easy decision. I have helped hundreds of students with this and I want to offer my expertise in this area. I want to help you make the best choice for YOU! Contact me today and let's discuss your options!

Percussion Program Development for music educators

Percussion is the most exciting movement in music education today. Many educators would love to add it to their band program in a more substantial way. However, building a percussion program can seem like a daunting task. From acquiring the instruments to creating a curriculum, there is definitely a learning curve. I have helped countless music educators figure out the best way to begin this process. I have also helped many educators expand the program that they already have. If you are a music educator and you would like to start a percussion program in your school contact me today! With my expertise I can provide direction, guidance, and most importantly a way forward. 

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