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A Drum Circle that comes in all shapes and sizes

No experience required. Ultra affordable. Beyond fun!


At the Simon Boyar School of Drums and Percussion we have modernized the drum circle experience. We understand the value of the drum circle as a true stress release and break from the hardships of daily life. We also understand the healing power that a drum circle can potentially offer. It is for these reasons that we proudly offer several different drum circles to meet the various needs of the community. We are proud to be the only music school in Westchester with such a diverse offering.





Adult Drum Circle


This is a standard drum circle for adults. No experience required. Come join us for a fun and realaxing experience led by world renowned percussionist Simon Boyar. 


We don't want to create more stress by requiring a large payment up front. For that reason, we offer a walk in model in addition to a regular monthly model. You may walk into and attend a drum circle anytime for a very small fee or you may join at a slightly reduced monthly rate if you know that you will be attending weekly. Either way you decide join us, you will receive a fun and relaxing experience on the highest quality percussion instruments led by world class percussionist Simon Boyar.


Children's Drum Circle


Your children will absolutely love our fun and engaging drum circle and sing along. For children 8 and under.


Bereavement Drum Circle


Led by Danna Boyar, L.C.S.W, the bereavement drum circle is a chance to find peace through music. 



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