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The Only Place To Experience Percussion Ensemble

We have one, they don't, and what we have is AWESOME!


Percussion Ensemble is by far the most exciting and fastest growing artform in our time. For years it has been a staple in all major university and conservatory curriculums and it is fast becoming a staple in nearly all school band curriculums across the country. However, very few if any local music schools offer a percussion ensemble. The Simon Boyar School of Drums and Percussion is extremely proud to offer the only elite percussion ensemble experience for students in Westchester.




So how does it work?


Student's must be enrolled in lessons at the Simon Boyar School of Drums and Percussion in order to participate in Percussion Ensemble. Students who would like to participate are placed in similar age groups. Each group meets every other week and gives one performance at a major venue about every 4 months. Meals are served at Percussion Ensemble rehearsals too! Contact us for more information.



Why Percussion Ensemble?


While lessons at the Simon Boyar School of Drums and Percussion are certainly an amazing experience, percussion ensemble provides a forum to immediately use the skills aquired in lessons. Nothing can take the place of performing with your peers. Many school band programs have excellent opportunities as well. However, very few have a percussion ensemble which is built around constant performance participation. Simply put, the percussion ensemble experience is the perfect compliment to lessons with Simon Boyar and it's the only way to immediately put your elite training to the test in a fun and supportive musical environment. Percussion Ensemble changes lives through music. This fact is recognized world wide.





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