The Simon Boyar Drum Shop is an authorized Yamaha Drums Dealer. While we are currently unable to offer Yamaha Drums online, you can call us at 914-481-2383 or send us a message to place an order. We carry and stock the ENTIRE line of Yamaha Drums and Hardware including:

Yamaha Stage Custom

Yamaha Tour Custom

Yamaha Recording Custom

Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple

Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak

All Yamaha DTX Electronic Drums including the NEW DTX6 Series!!!

All Yamaha Hardware including 600, 700, and 800 Series

Yamaha FP-9 Chain and Direct Drive Pedals

Yamaha EAD10

Yamaha Tour Custom.JPG
Yamaha Recording Custom 8%22 Birch Snare
Yamaha EAD10 Closeup.JPG
Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple.JPG
Yamaha Recording Custom SB Drum Shop.jpe
Yamaha CS655.JPG
Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak.JPG
Yamaha FP-9.JPG
Yamaha Snare Rack.JPG
Yamaha EAD10.JPG
Yamaha Double Foot Pedal.JPG