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Video/Audio services for students at the Simon Boyar School of Drums and Percussion! 

Prepare college audition pre-screening material, improve your college application, apply to summer programs, or create your dream project.

A project that truly fits YOUR needs! 

Our video/audio recording projects are a fantastic option for college auditions, pre-screening auditions, summer festivals and similar programs where submissions of this type are needed. We advise, review, and guide students on putting together the most successful possible project. Our projects have a VERY high success rate when helping students maximize their college application. Many students who work with us benefit from scholarships and other advantages when applying to college and/or festivals.


Only the FINEST instruments and the BEST gear for your project. 

Students are welcome to utilize ANY of our instruments for their project and we have many options to choose from. 


Yamaha Recording Custom

Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak

Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple

Yamaha Tour Custom

Ludwig Vistalite Zep Config

Ludwig Classic Maple 

Ludwig Legacy Mahogany 


Yamaha YM6000 Concert Grand Marimba

Yamaha YV3710 Gold Vibraphone

Ludwig Timpani 

Full assortment of concert toms, snare drums, and traps percussion instruments for multi setups. 



Contact us today with details about your project for a price quote. We are also happy to provide examples of our work. If you would like to learn more reach out to us today! 

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