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Music education in Westchester will never be the same again!

A little background. A BIG change. 


There is no shortage of music schools in Westchester, NY. With a thriving community for the arts, the study of music is serious business. When I started teaching privately in Westchester, parents would seek me out for geniune high quality drum, percussion, and mallet keyboard percussion instruction. They wanted to work with a professional musician in a flexible scheduling environment. Over time word slowly spread about my world class education and instruction. As my client base grew, we started an ensemble program and I began providing high quality instruments to clients as well. We also added several pivotal online offerings. I am extremely proud to provide a much needed service to the community. The Simon Boyar School of Drums and Percussion is an absolute game changer for music education in Westchester, NY!


-Simon Boyar

Simon Boyar

Why we are unique. Why we are the only place to be.  

Simon Boyar
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Students of all ages and levels work with Simon Boyar. Simon Boyar is a master teacher and one of the most in-demand educators of his generation. His students have been accepted to nearly every major music school in the USA. Many of his former student's are professional musicians today. Additionally, he has successfully worked with countless beginners. He has proudly started dozens upon dozens of young students down their own personal and fulfilling musical journey. He has served as Director of The Juilliard Pre-College Percussion Department and on the percussion faculty at NYU Steinhardt. He is a top tier in-demand freelance musician of the highest caliber endorsed by leading drum and percussion companies, Yamaha and Vic Firth, and he has worked with many of the top artists of our time. No other school in Westchester comes close to providing this quality of education and instruction. Learn more about Simon Boyar here. 



Study with a JUILLIARD TRAINED PROFESSIONAL working musician. 

When you spend your hard earned money for lessons with an educator, you should expect to work with a professional. At the Simon Boyar School of Drums and Percussion we believe that music lessons should only be taught by professional working musicians. Every student at the Simon Boyar School of Drums and Percussion studies one on one with Simon Boyar, a professional working musician. Sign up for virtual and in-person lessons here. 

Simon Boyar

A full suite of the highest quality musical offerings anywhere!

Simon Boyar Drum School Ensemble Program - STOMP
Simon Boyar Drum School Ensemble Program
Simon Boyar Drum School Enesmble Program

Achieve true greatness in ENSEMBLE.

The Simon Boyar Drum School boasts a successful ensemble program where students work closely alongside each other to create life changing musical performances. Throughout the year, students also participate in masterclasses with professional guest artists. Participants are introduced to a full spectrum of percussion ensemble and multi-genre chamber music literature. Additionally, students perform jazz standards and rock music. If you are interested in being a part of our ensemble program learn about it here.



Simon Boyar Drum School Ensemble Program

Visit the Simon Boyar Drum Shop!!!

The finest instruments in the world priced to perfection just for YOU!  

The Simon Boyar School of Drums and Percussion is an authorized Yamaha, Zildjian, Vic Firth, and Remo Dealer. This means that you will have access to the entire catalog of incredible instruments that these companies have to offer. What's even better is that as a student at the Simon Boyar School, you'll receive favored price points along with professional guidance and recommendations. Simply put, there is NO BETTER PLACE to purchase your gear than at The Simon Boyar Drum School!!! Contact us for a price quote here.

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Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple - Simon Boyar Drum Shop
Zildjian Ping Ride - Simon Boyar Drum Shop
Zildjian Mastersound Hi Hats - Simon Boyar Drum Shop
Yamaha Stage Custom - Simon Boyar Drum Shop
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Online Lessons and Consults

Simon Boyar

Online lessons, consults, and services to meet ALL of your specific musical needs.  

Still want to learn and improve but don't have time for lessons? Do you need general music advice and/or career guidance? Check out our online services where you can schedule a quick and easy consult session. 



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