With the introduction of the Stage Custom in 1995, Yamaha, once again, set the standard for value and sound. The new Stage Custom inherits 100% birch wood with upgraded metal parts.


The Yamaha Stage Custom is the perfect option for any player beginner, advanced, or professional. The Staggered diagonal seam allows Yamaha to build a thin shell that starts round and stays round. Low mass lugs allow for fantastic tone and sustain. Uses Yamaha's excellent YESS (Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System) mounting system which allows attachment of the drum to the tom holder without the need of a hole in the drum shell for the rod to pass through. All with a stunning high-gloss lacquer finish.


Hardware and cymbals sold separately.


Components Specs:

  • 22x17 Bass Drum

  • 10x7 Tom

  • 12x8 Tom

  • 16x15 Floor Tom

  • 14x5.5 Snare

Yamaha Stage Custom 5 Piece Shell Pack with 22" Bass Drum

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