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Lessons for ALL ages and ALL experience levels on ALL drum and percussion instruments. Wow!

When we say everything we mean EVERYTHING!

First and foremost, the Simon Boyar School of Drums and Percussion is the ONLY school in Westchester, NY where students can truly study every aspect of drums and percussion. Our students take lessons on everything from beginning snare drum to advanced mallet percussion and timpani. We have rock drum set students, students learning all drum set styles for their school jazz band, and even students studying accessory percussion.

A truly inspired musical experience with professional musicians

Professional, Personal, POWERFUL!


Simon Boyar is a master performing artist. As a result, his lessons are engaging and inspiring. Additionally, his lessons are custom tailored to the individual needs of each student. Simon has had the honor and privilege of working with countless students throughout his career. He is a true expert at discovering how a student learns best and applying it to a carefully crafted curriculum. Simon gets results and he is hands down one of the best in the business.


Learn more about why you should work with Simon Boyar here. 


The Simon Boyar School of Drums and Percussion also boasts a roster of world-class drum and percussion faculty that work with a variety of students.


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Professional Quality Education = Professional Quality Perks

The Most Flexible Scheduling Policy in Westchester!


Great lessons mean real commitment. No one anywhere disputes that. However, families have busy schedules. The Simon Boyar School of Drums and Percussion operates on a monthly schedule. There's tons of room for flexibility, and parents and students can make their own schedule. Students can sign up with the confidence that their relationship with Simon and the school is free to evolve over time. For more information on our flexibile lesson scheduling policy contact us


Professional Working Musician Environment


Simon Boyar is a professional working musician and his studio is a state of the art pinnacle of the professional working drummer and percussionist. It includes 4 house drumsets and dozens of cymbals, timpani, a 5 octave marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, concert bells, various hand drums, a large variety of percussion instruments, a full production studio, and so much more. Additionally, as an instrument retail outlet the Simon Boyar Drum School is constantly stocking drums, cymbals, sticks, mallets, drum heads, bags, and cases. This is why the Simon Boyar School of Drums and Percussion is truly the only place to either begin your musical journey or take things to the next level and prepare for NYSSMA, All-State, college auditions, summer festivals, and/or serious auditions of any kind. 


Real Results

Many of Simon Boyar’s students have been accepted to the top music schools in the world and are professional musicians today. In Westchester, his students are increasingly the leaders of their band programs. Many of Simon’s students have been accepted to All-County, All-State, and beyond.

Beginners Welcome!

If you're a beginner please don't be shy! We proudly accept students of all ages and levels. At the Simon Boyar Drum School dozens upon dozens of students have started with us as beginners. Many of those same students today are leaders in their community and school music programs. Most students who study at the Simon Boyar Drum School continue making music an important part of their lives for years to come. 


Full NYSSMA Prep


NYSSMA is an opportunity to learn and excel. Prepare for NYSSMA with a pro and get the most out of your experience at the Simon Boyar School of Drums and Percussion. 


College Prep


If you are looking to pursue a career in music and audition for college, Simon Boyar is the ONLY person you should be working with. He has extensive experience in this area and his students have been accepted to the top music schools in the world. As the former director of The Juilliard Pre-College Percussion Department, Simon’s career in education began with preparing prodigy students for elite acceptance to schools including but not limited to The Juilliard School, The Curtis Institute, Manhattan School of Music, Peabody Conservatory, and the Eastman School of Music. From this excellent foundation, Simon was able to develop an elite approach to serve the needs of young aspiring musicians across the country. Whether you are a serious student with your sights set on a top tier music school or a student simply wishing to apply for a scholarship and create a competitive audition worthy of one, Simon Boyar is the only teacher and mentor with the right experience to help you. 

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